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Cheaters Caught

Our weekly update of the number of cheaters that we caught trying to circumvent the drug testing process.


2016 YTD > 140

*Last Updated 11/15/2016

*EDTI ended collections with several major companies at the beginning of 2015.  That fixed the issue of us dealing with over 100 of these issues a year.


*Employers - contact us directly and find out how they cheat and what we do to catch them.




Drug Testing Panels

List of Services

Get a free consultation as to what panel would be best for you.

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Looking for a drug that is hard to detect?

Contact us and we'll tell you the value of quantitative test that goes down to the lowest detectible levels to ensure the best possibility of detection.  Our unique test is very useful for infrequent use or to verify that a drug is no longer detectable.

Hair Testing - Up to ~ 90 days to 1 year drug use history

Hair Test 5 Panel
Amphetamines Marijuana Cocaine Opiates Phencyclidine (PCP)  

Hair Test 7 Panel add
Benzodiazepines Barbiturates  

Hair Test 9 Panel add
Methadone Propoxyphene  

Hair Test 12 Panel add
Meperidine Tramadol  

Hair Test 14 Panel add
Fentanyl Sufentanil Oxycodone  

Urinalysis Testing - current - 4 to 30 day drug use history

Urine Test 5 Panel
Amphetamines Marijuana Cocaine Opiates Phencyclidine  

Urine Test 7 Panel add
Benzodiazepines Barbiturates  

Urine Test 10 Panel add
Methadone Methaqalone Propoxyphene  

Med Pro Panel
30+ drugs for Medical Professionals  

Synthetic THC and other designer drugs:

Technology continues to evolve on the detection of the synthetic THC and bath salts.  Contact us for the last information or questions that you may have.  We have had good success on the detection of both drugs via urinalysis.

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